Natural Sandstone paving 

Give your garden a huge dose of personality with natural Sandstone Paving slabs, delivering a look that only this natural stone can provide. Not only does the multitude of colours and shades of sandstone adds to the beauty of your garden patio, but it’s also durable, hard-working and has a natural frost resistance. Sandstone paving slabs are the perfect way to freshen up your home’s exterior at a reasonable price.


Sandstone paving slabs have a classic and timeless appeal, with a look that is very distinct from any manufactured paving slabs such as concrete or brick. The neutral shades range from light cream and buff, through pink to brown, grey and khaki. Because the slabs are made from natural sandstone that took millions of years to form, your sandstone patio will be very durable. There’s no need to worry about the colours fading or your patio looking worn, which makes sandstone slabs ideal for busy areas such as driveways and patios which have the heaviest traffic levels. Sandstone is also frost proof and slip resistant, so it’s ideal for a family garden or for households who like to make the most of their outdoor space all year round.

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