Granite paving slabs

If your home needs a style update, laying granite paving slabs could be the perfect way to create a new look for your garden patio. Granite is an incredibly strong stone which makes it the ideal material for high traffic areas. It’s almost impossible to scratch granite, even by dragging garden furniture around your patio, and granite can easily withstand bad weather. 


As durable as granite is, it’s also a very beautiful stone that complements the other elements of your garden for an eye-catching and stylish look. Because granite is a natural material, you may find that there are slight differences in shade from one slab to the next that will give your patio or driveway a more natural elegance. Granite paving is known to have multiple finish options such as a lightly sandblasted finish will give your paved area a non-slip surface that creates a safe environment for all the family or a smooth tones finish, ideal for any outdoor display areas.

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